Silver City Festival

I’m so happy to share my artwork with others. Seeing the  pride on all the kids faces after seeing how awesome their artwork turned out filled my heart with joy. Especially the kids that didn’t want to because they thought they couldn’t. Guiding them through the process made me feel like I should do this more often. It was hectic and I was working nonstop for almost 5 hours but it was so much fun. I really hope I get invited to participate next year.


I love her, Lindi Ortega

I love music. I listen to all sorts of music but I would say I only have a few favorites. One of them is Lindi Ortega. She's the perfect mix of dark and light for me. As I was listening to her live the other night at Shank Hall, Quinten Tarantino and Dolly Parton came to mind, don't ask me to explain it's just what I felt. I'm not even sure how I found her but I've been a fan ever since I heard her sing. It was a Monday night and snowing in mid April but I'm so happy I got to hear her live again. Check her out, I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. 


Camo Invites

Got crafty with my son Diego's birthday invitations this year. He's fascinated with military history right now. I'm so impressed with all his knowledge on the subjects and I love that he teaches me new things sometimes. He's so excited about his birthday and loves the invitations. I got the idea from Pinterest but then customized it to my liking. I even used my Cricut for this project. I made a stamp for the first time. I'll admit I messed up the first time but I got it the second time around. I'm really happy with the outcome and will be making more. 


Precious babies

Taking pictures of little kids is challenging but also very rewarding. Parents are always so nervous about their kids behavior but I always assure them IT'S OK and totally normal. Having kids myself, I understand how real life is. In all the chaos are little hidden moments of absolute beauty that I try to capture. Here is one of my faves from a recent shoot.


Bouquet maker

I'm always trying new things, today I add bouquet making to my creative arsenal. My brother is getting married in June so my soon to be sister-in-law and I are working on the bridesmaid bouquets. Here is the result, I think they are lovely. I especially love the the touch of flowers made from book pages. Fitting since the theme of the wedding is story book love <3 


Social Media Detox

But all my family groups are on there, I'll limit the people that contact me for business, it's how I keep track of upcoming events, all my pictures and videos are on there... reasons why I always go back. Why is this time different? Well because I figured out how to do a blog on my website!

In general I've been trying to detox in all aspects of my life. It's not an easy thing to do, deconstructing the things that you consider normal and picking out the toxins, figuratively and literally. Not to say social media is completely toxic because it has wonderful benefits, however right now letting it go feels good. 

So with all that said welcome to my blog!

 Blog profile pic ;)

Blog profile pic ;)